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Hallow Monster

Hi, I'm Hallow! (Sometimes Jake)

I'm mostly into a lot of music and then some other nerdy shit. I identify as gengarqueer (genderqueer but also a ghost). (please note I am joking around but ye I'm genderqueer) I draw, trying to get more into cosplay, sing, and do whatever. Big Linkin Park fan, along with Deadmau5, Skrillex, Daft Punk, Knife Party, Savant, other EDM artists, Pokemon, furries, and all sorts of other tings. I also reblog snakes a lot, just warning in case you have a phobia.

Megacon 2013 EDM Photoshoot:

I'm a monster, but don't be afraid to talk to me!

Aug 20 '13

If you didn’t see this coming then you must be new.

Various ideas for the ears too - either using cryptovoloans’ patterned coelacanth clothe, just the base and the light scales like the rest of the hea, or make them like fins. Shirt would be easy, using the “genres” Joel put for his 3 progress shots of My Pet Coelacanth. Lets of carved foam to anchor into the head. 8I;

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