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Hallow Monster

Hi, I'm Hallow! (Sometimes Jake)

I'm mostly into a lot of music and then some other nerdy shit. I identify as gengarqueer (genderqueer but also a ghost). (please note I am joking around but ye I'm genderqueer) I draw, trying to get more into cosplay, sing, and do whatever. Big Linkin Park fan, along with Deadmau5, Skrillex, Daft Punk, Knife Party, Savant, other EDM artists, Pokemon, furries, and all sorts of other tings. I also reblog snakes a lot, just warning in case you have a phobia.

Megacon 2013 EDM Photoshoot:

I'm a monster, but don't be afraid to talk to me!

Dec 19 '12

Sonny the Mouse

Skry has been on dA since his tumblr is fucking up, and was spamming me with pictures of Skrillex/Sonny as an mouse furry.

I thought it was adorable.


Notes and drabble under the cut.

"What’ssss dis lil’ fella ‘ere?"
Despite looking quite intimidating and ferocious, the lone spirit summoner wasn’t about to hurt the pale furred mouse that had snuck its way in between many jars of parts and pieces. “You’re not gonna find much food ‘ere, ‘M afraid.”
Hm, the mouse seemed quite calm as it sniffed at everything, despite her hovering practically right above it, and what’s that? An odd puff of long black fur on the little mouse’s head. Lowering her cupped hand in front of the mouse, it sniffs at her before hopping onto the hand. Holding him closer to her purple armor scales, she strokes the little tuft of black fur with her thumb oh so gently.
"Why would ye take the chanccce of goin’ in ‘ere all by yeself, with no food," She cooed at the little critter just looking up to her with beady, dark brown eyes. Tapping at her chin as an idea formed, she lets the little mouse climb up onto her shoulder. Taking him on a little trip to her kitchen, she grabs up a little bit of meat for the mouse to nibble on while she prepared something else entirely.
"Why don’t we give you a voiccce, little buddy?"

It would take a few hours to prepare, but after giving the mouse some excuses to stay satisfied with being calmly around the monster, she set up a little ritual. All the mouse has to do now is eat the ration, and then, she could have a new companion? She’s been meaning to try this out.
A little bit of coercion and patting the mouse’s behind with her hand, she manages to get the little critter up to the little pile of enchanted food, which easily took the mouse’s senses over with its decadent scent. Not long after, the mouse would be finished with its meal, and a smiling monster would be waving the end bit of her tail in patient waiting, wondering if this little plan of hers would work.
Time, time was the key as the enchantments finally took effect. The already spirited mouse would find itself enhanced and blessed by some outer deity- and becoming more than just a simple mouse. Sitting on his hind hunches, the mouse’s accented, more humanoid shape highlighted the now much longer locks of black hair that curtain its baffled face.
"Wh-where am I?" Weakly whimpered out of his quivering lips.
Leaning in, she slowly reaches out her hand towards the shaking form, letting the button nose sniff at her hand before she’s allowed to touch him. “Yer new home.. if ye want.” He fidgeted with his clawed little hands, now larger than a  normal mouse, maybe the size of a human infant. “I dun’ wanna hurt ya, darlin, but.. there had to be sssome reassssson ya came ‘ere. There’sss hardly any foodss.” As she scooped her hand under his rump, the now far more prehensile tail wraps around her wrist tight like a constrictor.
Lifting him up, she holds him up to her chest like carrying a child, “Why not giff ya a lil’ more fer yar life… Ya were jusss’ too cute ta let free inssstantly.” The shaking mouse child clung to his new mother, fidgeting every which way as he was carried over towards her work bench.
Now, if she can just work this silly human technology… “Do ya wanna talk to yar papa?” She offered the mouse boy, who just looked up to the colorful monster with those still quivering eyes, in a state of shock and over stimulation. Her face falling, she just sends off a text to one of the humans she had grown particularly close to, letting Skry know of how he may be a little bit of a father now. Probably will confuse the ever living hell out of him, seeing as he would’ve realized by now if Hallow was going to lay an egg- if she was able to.
Holding him against her shoulder, he buried his face into her mane of orange hair, clinging to the one dreadlock on that side. Letting out a weak sigh, she strokes down the little mouse boy’s back, “Don’t worry, Ssssonny, I’ve got you.. I’ve got you…”
The mouse boy, dubbed Sonny by this monster, eventually would settle down, to cease his shaking. Continuously questioning the monster on her actions, he would end up telling her how maybe- maybe a new life would be better for him. Willing to help him with that new life, she would take him in between a couple of realms to let him live, learn, and grow. Sometimes the Earthen realm, to learn of how humans are under his father Skry, sometimes to a realm somewhat more fitted to his anthropomorphic self. Growing faster than a normal human child, he still didn’t end up all that tall once he was full height, but who couldn’t see that coming from a mouse boy?

Other little ideas my head is playing with:

[10:25:06 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: okay I think that’s as much as I got
[10:25:18 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: unless I get more specific ideas of a growing skrillmouse
[10:25:48 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: like antics about how he has to wear a damn charm to make him look human when he’s with his papa
[10:26:06 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: so probably on more than one occassion it breaks/slips off and OH GOD THERE’S A MOUSE KID WTF
[10:26:43 PM] Skrylax Leoj~: *b’awwwwwwws so fucking hard*
[10:27:13 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: and so Skry and Hallow have to keep him in baggy hoodies all the time and his tail has to go down his pant leg
[10:27:30 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: so his hair gets fucking long because he’s always got to hide and all
[10:28:27 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: Hallow probably tries to tell him it’s alright, she’s working on a something so he can not worry about the charm breaking, so he cna be comfortable in his own skin and all
[10:31:47 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: and then he meets a little monster who’s always grinning, who makes it all feel better..
[10:31:57 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: (and then it goes into skrillme and yaayy)

[10:30:55 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: nins is skrillmouse’s aunt
[10:30:59 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: yes good
[10:31:04 PM] Nins Of WiNs: omg
[10:31:08 PM] Nins Of WiNs: :DD
[10:32:41 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: “NINSSSS.”
"…why don’t you go out and just buy one?"
"Shush he likes your scent okay?"
[10:33:04 PM] Nins Of WiNs: oh goodness ;w;
[10:33:19 PM] Nins Of WiNs: strangely enough, i do know how to sew haha
[10:33:26 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: WHAT
[10:33:29 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: I didn’t even know that xD
[10:33:32 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: hahaha I love it
[10:33:40 PM] Nins Of WiNs: xD
[10:33:46 PM] Nins Of WiNs: coincidences are awesome man!
[10:33:56 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: I love it
[10:34:26 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: “If he’s gotta have to wear these hoodies all the time, he might as well have them that he feels happy in.. and if that means from you, then damnit, I’ll keep slaving to you.”
[10:34:38 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: and then my mind is like
[10:34:43 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: Hallow is gonna fucking owe Nins
[10:34:48 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: dafuq can Hallow give her
[10:34:54 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: give/supply
[10:35:05 PM] Nins Of WiNs: yes yes
[10:35:21 PM] Nins Of WiNs: if Nins is provided the supplies then she’s satisfied c:
[10:35:36 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: hahah my mind went somewhere worse but I like that better
[10:35:55 PM] Nins Of WiNs: haha oh goodness where did it wander this time???
[10:36:08 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: ehhh someway to keep cthulhumau5 satisified and not crazy
[10:36:20 PM] Nins Of WiNs: oh goodness
[10:36:58 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: but I mean we could not go that au and so you wouldn’t have to worry about that 8);
[10:37:28 PM] Nins Of WiNs: ahhh that sounds good~
[10:39:21 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: “He wants a different one this time. *flops down a bunch of black and red fabric* He drew you this to put on the chest.. *hands over a little red “ILL” done in pen* Think it’s doable?”
"Heh, it will be a break in the same old blue jackets, at least!"
[10:40:08 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: ~nothing but black forever after WHOOPS~
[10:44:31 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: He has to stay over your house for a night, still rather young. Cliche but adorable instance of the adorable little mouse boy asking if he can sleep in your bed because he’s uncomfortable in the foreign home
[10:48:07 PM] Nins Of WiNs: and then i have to keep myself from squeeing over him every 5 seconds
[10:48:23 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: no
[10:48:25 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes: it ends up like this
[10:48:29 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes:
[10:48:38 PM] Hybrid of Pankakes:
[10:49:02 PM] Nins Of WiNs: OH MY GOODNESS YES